Calanthe History

History of the Calanthe Sisters

Grand Court of Florida

The first Court organized in the State of Florida was Alpha Court No. 1, at St Augustine, by Sir D. M. Pappy, in 1887, with Mrs. E. G. Payne, Worthy Counsellor. 

The Grand Court was organized under Sir. L. M. Mitchell, S.W.C., at Jacksonville, June 28, 1904, with Mrs. Rebecca Morris, G.W.C., who served for two years.  In 1905 there were 7 Courts, 170 members;  1906 , 17 Courts, 294 members; 1907, 26 Courts, 147 members;  (No data for 1909-1914);  1915, 91 Courts, 2,280 members.  Presently there are 32 Courts in the State of Florida with a total of 268 members.