Knights of Pythias Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias, Jurisdiction of Florida

Grand Worthy Counsellor's Message


  Message From the Desk of:

 Sister Emma B. Wade, Grand Worthy Counsellor

 Grand Court Order of Calanthe: Jurisdiction Florida

   On behalf of the Grand Court Order of Calanthe, Jurisdiction of Florida, it is my privilege    to welcome you to visit our home on the World Wide    Website. The Order of Calanthe is an Auxillary to which    women of age and of any religion may seek and hold    membership. Fortunately, there are three levels of the Order of    Calanthe: The Supreme Court is the highest; the Grand    Court is the State and a Subordinate Court is the local. We    believe in the Supreme Being and the Bible is our Supreme    law. We advocate good moral standards and strong family    relationships based on our founding principles: Fidelity,    Harmony and Love. Our flags: namely, American, Christian,    Calanthean and Floridian play a significant part in our standards. The Order works for a universal sisterhood of women. We do charitable work and in this State the court has adopted the "Sickle Cell Foundation" as its primary annual charity. We work under the protection of the Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias, Jurisdiction of Florida, where Sir Knight Clarence Monette serves as Grand Chancellor. We strive to be in good fellowship with our Pythian family. We do lots of volunteer work. Presently, the Order of Calanthe has three youth courts who are working extremely well under the leadership of the Grand Youth Matron, Sister Alice Williams.

We invite each of you to join with us, because we know you are interested in serving your community while enriching your life. Thank you in the Spirit of Fidelity, Harmony and Love.