Knights of Pythias Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias, Jurisdiction of Florida

Officers of the Calanthe Sisters

Sister Emma B. Wade, Grand Worthy Counsellor - Tallahassee, FL
Sister Mary Feacher, Grand Worthy Inspectrix - West Palm Beach, FL
Sister Helen Davis, Grand Worthy Inspector - Thonotosassa, FL
Sister Earleen Everette, Past Grand Worthy Counsellor - Port St. Joe, FL
Sister Thelma Ray, Grand Register of Deeds - Jacksonville, FL
Sister Josephine Murray, Grand Worthy Asst. Register of Deeds - Jacksonville, FL
Sister Faye Brown, Grand Receiver of Deposits - Quincy, FL
Sister Patricia Langston Jackson, Grand Worthy Orator - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Sister Abbie L. Isom, Grand Worthy Sr. Directress - Tallahassee, FL
Sister Joann Morgan, Grand Worthy Jr. Directress - Tallahassee, FL

Sister Peggy Harris, Grand Worthy Conductress - Ft. Pierce, FL 
Sister Pauline Jackson, Grand Worthy Asst. Conductress - Tallahassee, FL
Sister Betty Graham, Grand Worthy Escort - Sarasota. FL
Sister Julia Bain, Grand Worthy Herald - Sarasota, FL
Sister Betty Freeman, Grand Worthy Protector - Sarasota, FL
Sister Alice Williams, Grand Worthy Youth Matron - Havana, FL
Sister LaSalle Wilson, Grand Worthy Lecturer - West Palm Beach, FL
Sister Annette Roberts, Trustee - Tallahassee, FL
Sister Delores Copeland, Trustee - Tampa, FL
Sister Geraldine Chambers, Trustee - Tallahassee, FL
Sister Lula Wilson, Education Chairman - Port St. Joe, FL
Sister Fannie Bellamy, Auditor - Tallahassee, FL